If you wish to submit for a future issue, Post in the Blog here:

1) A brief bio about yourself. Do not include information about your childhood.

2) A brief Bio about the musical work you wished advertised: its contents, genre, and the inspiration that caused its creation leaving out personal references to your pet or your spouse even if they were the inspiration for the material. (For example if you fell in love with someone and wrote the material based upon those emotions, please give a general synopsis about the material being about love for another person. That idea makes it more relevant to a purchaser, makes the copy shorter, and assists us from having to delete it anyway which we will do in all instances.)

3) A Link to an Image of yourself that you wish included on the page at ‘The Music News’.

Be sure to post and advise us well in advance of any release date since we do have a six-month backlog. You should also inform us of your forthcoming work for placement in The Music News well in advance so that your music can generate as much interest as possible before the release date of the material.

Once you make your submission for our site, a representative might contact you by email to correct or verify any information given regarding its exactness and its placement into the iNews Page.

You can view a sample of ‘The Music News’ at to see how a similar article format will be created using your information. The page containing your information will either appear in the following edition, a specific edition or, a requested edition if possible.

Please do know that space is limited and even though we continually take requests for inclusion into the digital periodical, because of story precedence, space or other restrictions, those inclusions might be omitted or pushed into another issue. In addition, the editor may delay, refuse the request or, some other more relevant Music News may cause an omission or delay.

Thanks for your time,



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